User Instructions for File Sharing using CPA Secure

First time login and password change for file share through CPA Secure

  1. 1)Click on this link or copy the address to your web browser.

  2. 2)To sign in, use the username and password provided to you in the email you received from JAGPC.

  3.        Note:  For security purposes users can only make 3 attempts to log in properly.  Three failed attempts will        

  4.        lock the user out of the system and technical support will be required to reauthorize access.  If you have forgotten    

  5.        your password click on ‘request a password change’.

  6. 3)Once you have successfully logged in for the first time you will be prompted and required to change your password.     

  7.        Enter your new password in both fields and click ‘change password’.

  8.        Password requirements: Must be at least 6 characters and cannot resemble user name.

  9. 4)Next, security Active X will pop up, click install.

  10. 5)Once Active X has been successfully installed you are ready to begin your secure file transfer.

Downloading files from CPA Secure

  1. 1)When we upload a file to you, you will automatically receive an email notifying you know a file has been uploaded to

  2.        you.

  3. 2)Click on the link in the body of the email and login with your username and password. Upon logon in, you will be

  4.        taken directly to where the file is located.

  5. 3)Click on download and select the folder on your computer where you want the file to be saved and click ‘download’.

  6. 4)Now you have the file on your computer.

  7. Note: The system will automatically generate an email letting us know you have successfully downloaded the file.

Uploading files to JAGPC

  1. 1)Log in to your account and scroll to the bottom of the screen .

  2. 2)Under ‘upload a file now’ you will see the drop down menu for ‘Select a Folder’.  Click the drop down menu and find

  3.        the accountant’s name/clients upload. This tells the system where to place the file you are uploading.

  4. 3)Once you have selected the accountant and their name appears in the box. Click the link below labeled ‘CLICK

  5.        HERE to Launch the Upload Wizard…’ This will open up the secure upload dialog box. 

  6. 4)Then click the ‘add file’ button, this then allows you to browse the file or files you wish to upload.

  7. 5)Select the file(s) and click open.

  8. 6)You will now see a list of files ready to be uploaded.  Once you have finished with your selection click the next button.

  9. 7)If there is only one file select ‘upload files individually.  If there are numerous files select ‘upload file as one .zip. 

  10.       Uploading files as one zip will bundle and compress multiple files into one.

  11. Note: If uploading numerous files be sure to rename the merged files in the ‘upload as’ field with a ‘.zip’ at the end. 

  12. For example:  FILE

  13. 8)Once finished click next and the file(s) will begin to upload.

  14. 9)When finished you will receive a message that the file transfer is complete and an email will be sent to the

  15.        accountant.  Once the file has been downloaded by the accountant a notification email will be sent to you.

Need more help?

  1. Please call our office at (781) 245-8200 or (212) 835-1561 and we will be happy to assist you.

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